Ceremony ActivitiesThe 2014
Thứ năm - 22/01/2015 15:46

In the jubilant atmosphere flaming fence, everywhere in the country jubilant welcome Lunar New Year spring 2015. JSC Viet Phu investment formally organized "Festival 2014 Summary of Activities".
As an annual activity of the company at the end of every month 12. JSC Viet Phu held investment activity summary. Together look back on a 2014 to summarize the achievements and problems still exist after a year of development. It is an opportunity for collective Viet Phu reassess themselves, closer together and strengthens organizational development and become stronger in the marketplace challenges. Although the world economy more fluctuations, the labor export market is increasingly competitive, but Viet Phu always tries our best, to maintain its position in the market


Opening the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Ba Dat - General director of the company has a speech summarizing the results of operations in 2014 and provides strategic direction of the business in 2015. 2014 was a year of economic fluctuations, the economic situation of recession, fierce competition in the market. Viet Phu strives to unite, trying to overcome difficulties to maintain and sustain its position in the market. Viet Phu has seen significant growth in 2014 and 2015 to create the momentum to continue to rise strongly. Director General also welcomed the achievements Steering Committee as well as all employees have done in 2014 and received superior dedication of the entire staff of the company


2014 is the year to mark the new projects and new directions of collective Viet Phu. Leadership the company has recognized the need to highlight and capture opportunities, which is the reason for the extended block of Market Development, mass recruitment, recruitment Room, Room E-commerce
To create that success, not to mention the efforts of the staff consensus under the leadership of Captain excellence. Together honor collective and individual excellence, typical

viet phu tong ket hoat dong

Collective Excellence

quan ly tieu bieu 1

Typical management


Typical Staff


Employee contributions


The rewards are worth bringing tremendous positive spirit, to add motivation, encouraging employees in the coming year. Along trying to build up a stronger Viet Phu
Ending the program's party in a cozy atmosphere, playful

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